Do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it's funny.


Racist is a propaganda term created in the 20th century used to subvert western racial identity and culture. It is used to discredit those speaking about or commenting on differences between groups of people or against diversity dogma.

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Sexist is another propaganda term created in the 20th century used to shame those who dare question sexual egalitarian dogma. At its root, the term and the dogma are anti-family, anti-human, and ultimately antagonistic towards the happiness of both men and women.

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Nazi is term used to accuse anyone with heterodox political views of being morally reprehensible. Nazism is also used as a specter to deter whites from having any form of in-group preference or racial consciousness. The Nazis generally, and the holocaust more specifically, are used as a subversive weapon against western nations and cultures.

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Bigot is a form of Newspeak used to shame those committing Wrongthink for not adhering to any of the current politically correct dogmas. Ironically, the term bigot is most often used to shame those with heterodox opinions, making bigots out of the users themselves. The wide application of the term and its backwards "war is peace" nature lends itself quite nicely to the 1984 comparisons.

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The word homophobe is used to shame anyone who is resistant to the increasing creep towards culturally enforced homosexuality and increasing acceptance of pedophilia. Normal human sexuality is deemed sexist, while resisting degenerate, perverse, blood line ending sexuality is deemed homophobic. Transexuality and any other aspect of the LGBTQP subversion is simply a branch extending from homosexuality.

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