This might be my own personal experience talking, but at this point I expect anyone reading this to already have a general understanding of the differences between men and women and a general disgust with the cancer that is feminism. The last decade has produced an immense number of videos, articles, podcasts, etc. discussing the untruths and evils of sexual egalitarian dogma whether it be about gamergate, sexual game, POA (pick up artistry), TRP (the red pill), MGTOW (men going their own way), MRA (men’s rights activists), or even endless footage of shrieking blue and pink haired ogre-esk landwhale feminist harpies. Whatever version you’ve bought into currently or in the past, all of these ideas, movements, or phenomena have come about in response to and recognition of the decade’s long deception of equality between the sexes.

I am not going to try to prove that men and women are different in this piece. It is so stupidly obvious that men and women are biologically different that any attempt to deny this fact is purely an act of self-deception. Must I link you naked pictures of a male and female body? Must I explain to you how babies are conceived or give you a thorough lesson on testosterone and estrogen? But even for how stupidly obvious this fact may be, a large portion of the current western population, especially millennials, were raised utterly blind to this fact. Unless you had an adult figure aware enough of the pervasive egalitarian subversion to make a point of ridding you of this mental poison, it is fairly likely that you grew up without fully realizing that men and women are different. I don’t mean in the very basic instinctual ways that we intuitively understand, but in the more meaningful mental, emotional, and physical ways that must be understood in order to have a loving and happy relationship with the opposite sex. The creation of many of the movements or ideas I listed above are various reactions to waking up to these truths that have been so tirelessly suppressed.

Part 1 - What is Sexism?

As with most deceptions of the last 100 years, the seeds of sexual egalitarianism only started blooming in the early 20th century, but this rhetorical mechanism used for social pressure and thought control was not solidified until the cultural revolution of the 1960s. The term “sexist” did not gain popularity until the creation of second wave feminism that coincided with the student movements and general cultural shifts of the 1960s. This time period is known for many things, but from the perspective of these writings the most notable events are the establishment and solidification of rhetorical weapons to use against western nations and cultures. Sexist is a term used to enact social pressure to conform by shaming anyone who questions one segment of the irrational flailing of modern sexual egalitarian dogma.

Sexual egalitarian dogma has one main foundational belief that can be stated more like an actionable goal: the complete destruction, denial, or reversal of sexual truth. This statement may seem like some sort of Freudian simplification of a complicated matter into a single sexual explanation, but this is in fact the opposite of what Freud did. Freud supposedly used his psychoanalytic ideas to subvert a sexually repressive culture, but what he actually did was attempt to destroy sexuality’s link to biological truth. When everything has a sexual explanation, sexuality becomes a flippant game of physical pleasure rather than an essential biological process of life’s continued existence. Sex has become disconnected from its truth. Because it is one the most, if not the most, powerful biological processes for the good of humanity, it is relentlessly attacked and twisted into a tool of chaos, destruction, and death.

Sexism is just one branch on the tree of this attack. It is the label used to shame anyone who resists the destruction and reversal of differences between men and women. You may be someone who does not approve of the current wave of radical feminist ideals, but you think that general equality between the sexes is a noble and righteous goal. You could not be more wrong. No matter the form that feminism takes, first wave, second wave, third wave, six hundred and sixty sixth wave, and no matter the supposed ideals of equality between the sexes that egalitarians like to spout, the intent beneath the surface of this deception is the complete reversal of male and female characteristics whenever possible, and elevation of the woman over the man in all other cases. Beneath the truism of equality is a multifaceted web of deception that destroys the family, and with the destruction of the family comes the destruction of men and women’s happiness alike.

Men and women are different, this is what you must remember. By virtue of these differences, men and women have different strengths and weaknesses. The goal of the label sexist is to accuse someone of being morally reprehensible for even attempting to discuss these differences, especially when implying there are strengths and weakness that lend themselves to different roles within the family and society. Yet, it is only logical, it is only true, it is only just to allow people to fulfill the roles in which they are most competent and most likely to succeed. This shaming mechanism is in place to blind people to their natural strengths and desires, to contort their mental, emotional, and sexual world in order to send them down a path of endless anguish.

Part 2 - How Inverted Sexuality Destroys the Happiness of Men and Women

Women give birth. She grows a human being inside of her own body for nine months. She carries it. She nurtures it. She feeds it with her very being. Then, she delivers the baby into the world, so helpless that it can’t even hold up its still soft skull with its undeveloped neck. For years she cares for the baby’s every need right down to feeding the child with a product of her body. She is vulnerable during this process. For months it can be hard for her to move. At points she may even get violently ill. Her body needs time to recover after the delivery. The mother and the child have a bond unlike any that can develop through the rest of its life. With the help of the man for a single moment, lending one instance of his constantly replenished seed in an act that drives a significant portion of his existence, she has spawned a new life all on her own.

Men fight. He fights for justice. He fights for virtue. He fights for knowledge. He fights for truth. He fights for honor. He fights for power. He fights for country. He fights for kin. He fights for family. He fights for women. He sacrifices his body, laying his very life on the line to provide and protect those whom he loves. He fights wars, often dying as meat in a grinder, churned through for sheer force of number. He does all of this out of principle because he is drawn to what is righteous and what is true, but he also does all of this for her. He is the bulwark against her destruction, sacrificing his very being for the health and prosperity of his woman and his children. He would gladly lay down his life for the continued existence of his family, hoping beyond hope that his actions lead to a better future for his posterity.

This is what they hope to destroy. If you felt any type of anger or rage at reading this, or if you thought to yourself something along the lines of, “Men can be nurturing too, and women can fight for all those same things,” you have been infected by the poison. The goal of this mental poison is to give you a negative emotional reaction to the description of men’s and women’s uniqueness. The mechanism by which this poison is implanted is an inversion of natural sexuality. For this inversion to take place, the uniqueness of men and women must be destroyed. Women must be able to fulfill all that is traditionally male, and men must be able to fulfill all that is traditionally female.

Although men are physically stronger on average and at the extremes, women’s uniqueness is more physical. The mere fact that “on average” or “at the extremes” needs to be used for the description of men’s physical uniqueness is proof of this. The unique aspect of the women’s ability to create and foster life is the single most important aspect of humanity. Without it, we could not exist just as no living being can exist without reproduction. Men cannot easily replicate this ability. Despite what recent sexual perversions would have you believe, men cannot become pregnant. On the other hand, men’s unique capacity for fighting (another way to put it would be competing, comparing and contrasting, dissecting, etc.) is much less tangible. Of course, men have a unique role in the reproductive process that women cannot replicate, but this role is limited and comparably insignificant until the child is much older. Men are less significant in the creation of new life, and therefore must find their significance elsewhere. In other words, it is more reasonable to believe in a woman who has the unique characteristics of a man than it is to believe in the opposite. For this reason, women are the direct target of this poisonous inversion.

This reality is the seed of all feminism and women’s movements, whether conscious or unconscious. Women’s role in the existence and propagation of humanity is more important, and therefore it is more vital that it be destroy. Women are precious, men are expendable. The strategy is to turn women against men by convincing them their uniqueness is insignificant, that a more tangible, physical, precious role in the very existence of humanity is somehow undesirable, embarrassing, and oppressive. A woman’s uniqueness is cast as pathetic and worthless, while a man’s uniqueness is cast as desirable and worthwhile. This is one of the biggest lies in the history of humanity. By convincing women that their unique ability to create and foster life is only a tangentially related, rather insignificant aspect of their being, women have been successfully removed from the foundation of society. Women now desire to be men. In this desire they will act, as they always have, as arbiters of social standards, pressuring each person to conform to what they themselves believe as natural nurturers of the flock. Insofar as they become men, they become unhappy. Insofar as they act like men, they destroy themselves. Insofar as they abandon their uniqueness, the tyranny of the state steps in to take their place.

Men, on the other hand, become increasingly corrupt. There is no longer a family or society to fight for because the foundational role of the woman has been eroded. Some men have access to an unlimited supply of sexually available women and promptly take advantage, while the majority are lost in a sea of damage, loneliness, and confusion. Unhappiness, unrest, and the ultimate destruction of divorce are more likely to follow the increasingly unlikely creation of a family. The work force doubles and wages stagnate. Men disconnect from their children for most of, if not the entirety, of their children’s lives, while women abandon them after only a few months. Birth rates plummet. Abortion skyrockets. The complete and utter death of a people is just on the horizon.

Part 3 - Someone Stop this Madness, Think of the Children

What is to be done about this cancerous poison that has infected all of us to one degree or another? Are we to sit back and let ourselves be destroyed by the lies told by those who wish to see us dead? Are we to give up hope and simply take advantage of the increasing degeneracy, living off the decay and death of a rotting corpse like a vulture who has no care but for the moment? Are we to go down in history as a generation of people who learned of our deception only to become hardened by the pain of our scars which we were unjustly given during our innocence? Or, will we unite against our deceivers and cast-off fear in favor of truth. As is apt, men and women both play a different part.

Men must not become corrupt vultures of evil. Do not buy into the fear of emotional connection. Women are not evil, they have simply been misled just as you have been misled. There are still plenty of women whose dosage of poison is low, who do not wish to drag you into the pit of hell and emotional despair. Forge yourself with iron, become strong as steal, but don’t harden yourself to love. Try not to succumb to preying on the weak and vulnerable women who have been led astray, but realize it is not your job to save them. On the other hand, embrace an abundance mentality and don’t be a fool who is dominated and controlled by fear of lack. Hold your standards high and strive for a woman with whom you can create a family. Your role is most important in turning the tide because you are the fighter. Although many women want to be men, they cannot and will not fight like you can and will. Fight for virtue. Fight for truth. Fight for your family. Fight for your existence. Fight for the future of your children.

Women, do not be ashamed of who you are. However hard it may be, do not let social pressure shame you away from being proud of your uniqueness as a woman. Men are not your enemy and you cannot be one. Strive with all you have for a family. Your career will not last or be remembered, just as most men’s careers have been forgotten throughout history. Your legacy is your children, as is most men’s legacy. Until then, be warry of “free love” and causal sex. Your love should never be free, and your sex should never be causal. You are worth more to your kin than all of the most precious stones in the earth. As such, do not give yourself away for free. Be warry of the men who will take advantage of the degeneration. You will be able to sense them. Do not give into their allure and persuasions. When you do finally have a family, be present. Do not abandon your child to the care of the state. They are no longer your children when you hand them off to be raised by others. Keep them close, as close as you can, but let them grow into themselves when your husband deems it appropriate. If you raise them as you should you will never want to set them free, but you must. In this way, follow your husband’s guidance in matters unrelated to the family. You will be clouded by your immense love of your children that he will never understand. This love helps you play your part, now let him play his. Support him in his fight against the poison, in his fight for virtue, in his fight for truth. He needs your help as he cannot succeed alone. He will fall short in his own ways that only you can counterbalance. Don’t let the world tell you what he should be, help him tell the world what he is and will be.


Racist is a propaganda term created in the 20th century used to subvert white racial identity and culture. It is a word used to silence white people and stop us from standing up to defend our families, communities, countries, and values.

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Sexist is another propaganda term created in the 20th century used to shame those who dare question sexual egalitarian ideology. At its root, the term and the ideology are anti-family, anti-human, and ultimately antagonistic towards the happiness of both men and women.

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Nazi is term used to accuse anyone who is pro white, or simply proud of being white, as morally reprehensible. It is used as a specter to deter whites from having any form of in-group preference or racial consciousness. The Nazis generally, and the holocaust more specifically, are used as a subversive weapon against western nations and cultures.

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Bigot is a blanket term applied to anyone who doesn't agree with the politically correct ideas of the time. Ironically, the term bigot is most often used to shame those with heterodox opinions, making bigots out of the users themselves. Taking on this contradictory meaning makes bigot similar to the word "literally" in that they are both used to mean the opposite of their standard definition.

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The word homophobe is used to shame anyone who is resistant to the increasing creep towards culturally enforced homosexuality and increasing acceptance of pedophilia. Normal human sexuality is deemed sexist, while resisting degenerate, perverse, blood line ending sexuality is deemed homophobic. Transexuality and any other aspect of the LGBTQP subversion is simply a branch extending from homosexuality.

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